West Point Fishing Report December 2013

GON Staff | November 26, 2013

West Point: Level: 2.5 feet below full pool. Temp: Mid 50s. Clarity: Mostly clear with slight stain up the lake.

Good. Guide Keith Hudson reports, “The lake level has begun a slow and steady drop over the last few weeks. It is forecast to be around 7 feet down by mid December. Consequently, largemouth have begun to move out to deeper water. A few are still being caught shallow around structures such as exposed shallow brushpiles or wood with jigs and ChatterBaits. However, a more reliable pattern is to fish around deeper blowdown trees and boat docks with a Senko or a Texas-rigged worm. Spotted bass are bunching up on deeper structure such as roadbeds and drop-offs near creek channels. We caught some spots in water as deep as 30 feet this past week on jigging spoons and the new Zoom Z-Drop worms.”

“Over the last few weeks, I have had some really awesome topwater action on stripers,” Keith said. “I’ve been catching them early and late with popping-cork rigs, Russ’s hand-tied bucktail jigs and Zara Spooks. Some of my biggest fish, however, have come on a big, chrome Cotton Cordell Red Fin. Try reeling the Red Fin just a couple of inches under the surface creating a V wake. If a fish blows up on it, just keep reeling until the line tightens up, then set the hook. The best areas lately have been across from the pumping stations and at the mouths of Whitewater, Wehadkee and Bird creeks. Be sure to keep your eyes open for gulls or loons diving as they will often tip you off to the location of an entire school. Downlining has also been very good recently with shad or shiners. Suspend your baits at around 20 feet for the best results. Look for the schools of baitfish, and the stripers are usually just below them.”

“Fishing continues to be good as we move into late fall. Whitewater and Wolf creeks have been producing. Try pitching small jigs around deeper blowdown trees. A small minnow under a float will also work. Concentrate on trees that are close to the old creek or river channel. Docks with brush also continue to hold fish. Another good technique this time of year is drop-shotting with small minnows in deeper brushpiles. As usual, the fish seem to stack together tighter when the sun is out. The night fishing also remains good. Try fishing under Yellow Jacket or the Hwy 109 bridges with lights for your best results.”

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