West Point Fishing Report – August 2006

GON Staff | July 25, 2006

Level: 5.1 feet low. Temp: 89-90 degrees. Clarity: Mostly clear.

Bass: Fair. Guide Paul Parsons says, “The big spotted bass and largemouths are holding in the shade during the day. We’re catching them around 10 to 12 feet deep in 30 to 40 foot holes. We’re using six to eight-inch gizzard shad and catching 5- to 8-pounders regularly. Some anglers are fishing big magnum worms Carolina-rigged in the roadbeds with brushpiles. That method is producing fish but nothing like live bait. The topwater action is okay in the morning with Pop-Rs, Sammys, and Torpedos. Any color resembling the shad is good.”

Hybrids: Good, according to guide Bobby Wilson. “The hybrids are biting any time from 5:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and then later in the evening,” said Bobby. “They are schooling around Maple Creek and the dam. We’re downlining and pop-n-corking small gizzard shad.” Paul Parsons also said he was catching some big hybrids with larger gizzard shad. The bigger the shad he was using the bigger the fish.

Good. The bite is good between 6 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.. Bobby Wilson says, “We’re downlining crappie shiners and threadfin shad in 18-25 feet of water over brushpiles. We also caught some in eight to 12 feet of water around the bridge powerlines. Some days we’ll catch 60 to 70 fish with 25 to 30 of them being nice eating size.”

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