West Point Fishing Report April 2011

GON Staff | March 30, 2011

West Point: Level: 1.3 feet below pool. Temp: 64 degrees. Clarity: Stained.

Bass: Good. Chris Bell reports, “Fish have begun moving into the backs of pockets and creeks relating to sparse wood. Pitching and flipping soft plastics to these areas is producing better fish but just not as many bites. My best soft plastics have been lizards and craws in a green-pumpkin color. In between sections of wood, shallow crankbaits are still producing. Use a Spro Little John or Bandit 200 in a shad pattern to cover water. Fish are in depths from 6 to 8 feet of water. My best areas have been from the 109 bridge south avoiding cooler waters of the river.” Paul Parsons reports, “Bass are starting to move shallow with the warming water temperatures, especially in the afternoon. Fish points at the mouths of feeder creeks early in the day, and then move back into the creeks later in the day after the water warms up. Also try fishing rip-rap in the afternoon. Good lures to try are Shad Raps and other small crankbaits on the points and rocks and Rat-L-Traps back in the creeks. Look for fishing to continue to improve with warmer weather.”

Good. Paul reports, “Stripers and hybrids are starting their run up the river. Georgia DNR has been stocking striped bass for the last six years, and the first stripers that were stocked are getting up to around 25 pounds, with lots of stripers in the 10- to 15-lb. range.” Once the run gets going good, anchor up in the Chattahoochee and fish cut shad on the bottom. Chris reports,“Hybrid and striper fishing is good. Fish are grouping on shallow humps and roadbeds in 10 feet of water. Over the last week, fish moved from their deeper depths following bait. Drop live shad into schools of fish.”

Crappie: Excellent. Chris reports, “Some crappie have begun spawning in shallow pockets and in some creeks. Use popping corks and jigs in a black/chartreuse or pink/white pattern 18 inches below the cork. Once the jig bite has slowed, switch to using live minnows. The best creeks have been Yellow Jacket and Whitewater.” Paul reports, “The trolling season for crappie has started with lots of fish being caught right now. Trolling jigs for crappie should remain good until it warms up enough for them to move shallow to spawn, usually around the end of March or the first of April.”

Catfish: Good. Paul reports, “Blue and channel catfish are biting all over the lake. The best bait is cut shad. With warming temps, the flathead bite up the Chattahoochee should pick up. Fish big live bait in the holes upriver for the big flathead catfish.”

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