Satilla River Fishing Report – March 2024

GON Staff | February 28, 2024

Satilla River

Bass: Craig James reports, “For the first time in months, the Satilla is beginning to set up right for some awesome spring fishing. Providing we don’t get hammered with any major storm systems, the river should continue to fall out, and by the middle to end of March conditions should be perfect around the Waycross section of the river. The biggest fish will be spawning first, and you’ll find them in the many slack-water lakes, sloughs and oxbows that branch off from the river. Another prime area is anywhere a creek dumps in. Typically, there will be a flat out in front of where the creek runs in the river that will have very little current, and these areas usually average 3 to 6 feet deep. These are excellent areas and will hold fish that are in all stages of the spawn. To target spawners, go with a wacky-rigged or weightless worm, and be sure to fish it on braid with a fluorocarbon leader. The pick-up from a spawning fish can be hard to detect, and the braid really helps put more fish in the boat. Another great tool this time of year is a buzzbait, as it helps you quickly determine how aggressive fish are and where they are set up. Throw it in the main river current, and be sure and target any irregularities, such as lone cypress trees and isolated laydowns. Be sure and have a worm rigged and ready, as many fish will only slap at the buzzbait this time of year. A quick pitch with a worm will normally clean up on missed bites. Black buzzbaits are my go-to, and I really like to throw one with a purple blade. Worm colors like junebug, green pumpkin, black and blue and rotten banana will all get bit, but the yellow and brown (rotten banana) worm seems to produce the biggest bites for me. Check out my YouTube channel GA BOY OUTDOORS as I will be uploading videos from trips to the Satilla throughout the spring. God bless and good luck on the river!”

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