Satilla River Fishing Report – July 2023

GON Staff | June 28, 2023

Satilla River: According to Capt. Bert Deener, “The river came back up into the floodplain a few weeks back and is off-color. Garrett Harrison, of Hazlehurst, took his family to the river just before it started rising hard, and they had a blast in their Creek Boats. They caught about 20 redbreast and bluegill during their several-day trip, with most of them eating worms on the bottom (while they were targeting catfish on the rising river). Garrett’s trophy redbreast ate a red/white Satilla Spin, wrapped him around a log, surfaced, dove, and broke him off, so it was a trophy only in his memory. They had a couple catfish, as well. They will be back when conditions improve.

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