Satilla River Fishing Report – December 2023

GON Staff | November 29, 2023

Satilla River: GON writer Craig James reports, “Fall and early winter has always been my favorite time to target bass on the Satilla. The last week or two we have been averaging 10 to 30 fish a day on the river, many of which have been 2 pounds or better. The key to December fishing on the Satilla is to key on the lowest water you can find, and try to time your trip around the warmest weather possible. I prefer to fish above Waycross as water will typically be running low and slow. Check the Highway 158 gauge online before making a trip to the river and look for a gauge height of 4.5 feet or less. A kayak works best at this level, and it will enable you to reach some fish that boat fishermen haven’t pressured. A bunch of different lures and presentations will catch fish this month, but I stick to a few basic offerings. I always start with a buzzbait, and I always fish it slow. Move it just enough to barely keep it on top of the water, speeding up your retrieve as you get closer to the boat. This time of year you want to fish a buzzbait that runs quiet and doesn’t make a bunch of noise. I like to throw a 1⁄4-oz. GA Boy Lures Blackout or the Wild Thang Buzzbait (both can be found in south Georgia tackle stores and online at Wacky-rigged worms also work well and one with some yellow or pink in it will get bit if fished slowly 1 to 3 feet below the surface. Be sure to use braid so you can feel subtle bites and fish it back to the boat using tiny twitches. If faced with extreme cold water, especially in post-frontal conditions, a weedless Ned rig will get the job done. Throw something natural, and if you think you’re fishing it slowly, go slower! To view some recent trips we’ve had on the river, check out my YouTube channel GA BOY OUTDOORS. Good luck, God bless and Merry Christmas!”

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