North Georgia Fly Fishing Report – September 2006

David Cannon | August 31, 2006

Stocked Streams
Because of extreme heat in August, the Lake Burton hatchery had to send their trout to either the Buford hatchery or stock them in the few streams that are still cold enough.
“With these heavy recent stockings, there are still lots of trout that can be caught! For example, the Tallulah River in Rabun and Towns counties, Cooper Creek in Union County, Rock Creek in Fannin County and the Chattahoochee River upstream of Helen have been heavily stocked in the last two weeks,” said WRD Trout Stocking Coordinator Perry Thompson. You can also add Dicks, Boggs and Wildcat creeks to that list.

Chattahoochee Tailwater
Water temp: 50s & 60s
Preston Sutter has spent much of the summer pursuing bass and carp on the fly rod, but said to watch for hoppers, ants and beetles when chasing trout this month on the ‘Hooch. He also reported getting into some size 18-20 BWOs and black caddis in the evening, so be sure to have some corresponding patterns in the fly box.
Call (770) 945-1466 for current dam generation schedules.

Dukes Creek
CLOSED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 17 BECAUSE OF HIGH TEMPS (contingent upon conditions improving).

Toccoa Tailwater
Water temp: 50s & 60s
If there was ever a time to head to the Toccoa tailwater, it’s now! When I asked Metrela Brown of Unicoi Outfitters what flies were hot, she gave an answer we all dream of hearing: “Anything’s working!”
The surplus of naive stockers has resulted in some 50-100 fish days for a few newbies she’s taken on float trips.
Size 20-22 BWOs are hatching and attractor dries and nymphs are also great for fooling the fresh “dumplins.”
Call (800) 238-2264, then press 4, 23, and # for generation times.

Waters Creek
Waters is still cool enough to fish and the trout are going after a variety of patterns. A workday is also scheduled here on September 16. Visit <> and go to the ‘events’ board for more info.

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