North Georgia Fly Fishing Report – June 2006

David Cannon | June 1, 2006

Chattahoochee Tailwater
Water temp: Mid 50s
Duane Stalnaker said that the hatches on the ‘Hooch below Buford Dam are dwindling down, but that there are still a few caddis and blue-winged olives flying around.
If there aren’t enough of those hatching to make the trout look up, don’t hesitate to tie on a nymph. Duane suggests small lightning-bug nymphs (refer to March “Cannon’s Creel” for recipe) or Burrell’s Copper Candy (check out the Chattahoochee Flies DVD for the recipe).
“That’s all we’ve used the last couple of weeks, and we have just slayed them,” Duane said.
Visit <> for a comprehensive hatch chart. Also, call (770) 945-1466 for current dam generation schedules.

Smith Creek
Water temp: Upper 50s
Alex Lunsford reported that the fish have still been going after Adams Parachutes, smaller Elk Hair Caddis and Stimulators on top.
Subsurface patterns that have been successful lately consist of Z-wing Caddis, small Pheasant Tails with or without bead heads, yellow, brown or black stoneflies all the way up to a size 10, Micro stones and Micro mayflies.
“Since delayed harvest is now over, the harvest is on,” Alex said. “But, they won’t all be caught, so it’s still worth fishing Smith.”

Dukes Creek
Water temp: Mid 50s
Shine Taylor recently had success at Dukes both in the rain and when the sun was out. He fished the morning session a few different times and caught good numbers of fish, and big ones at that, on many various flies.
“The main flies we used were caddis patterns in sizes 16 to 20. We caught fish on greenie weenies, Fox Caddis Poopah, Sparkle Caddis and Soft Hackle Pheasant Tails with a green caddis body,” Shine said.
Shine loves to fish Dukes during or after a rain shower. The water cools, and the fish really seem to turn on and start feeding. He caught four fish over 20 inches, including 22- and 23-inchers, under overcast skies one morning.
Shine’s advice for June: “Focus on deep, slow refuge runs during the heat of the day as trout move to cooler water during the summer months. Some fish might also seek out faster, more oxygenated water as well.”

Toccoa Tailwater
Water temp: Mid 50s
Metrela Brown said that there are four major hatches coming off of the Toccoa right now that should all continue into June: tan caddis, sulphurs, blue-winged olives and light cahills. The tan caddis can be matched with a size 14-16 Elk Hair Caddis, while the other three hatches are all showing up in various sizes. Have an assortment in your fly box so you can match the hatch.
“A dry-dropper will be your best shot right now,” Metrela said.
Matching any of the dries mentioned above with a Pheasant Tail dropped off of the dry should attract both the fish that are looking up and the ones that aren’t. Metrela also said to be on the lookout for terrestrials, such as ants, in the coming weeks.
To check generation schedules before you go, call (800) 238-2264, then press 4, then 23.

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