Lake Weiss Fishing Report December 2011

GON Staff | November 23, 2011

Weiss: Level: 3.8 feet below full pool. Temp: 55-60 degrees. Clarity: Clear to light stain.

Bass: Good. Warren Barnes reports, “The bass on Lake Weiss are feeding heavily on the groups of shad all over the lake. Lipless crankbaits and flat-sided crankbaits like the Jackall Bling have been producing very well. One of my best areas has been all the points around the Riverside and Dead Boy Creek areas. If there is a good wind blowing, try using a jerkbait like a Jackall Squirrel in these same areas to get those very active fish. Crawfish are starting to play a major roll in the diets now that the bass are starting to hold tighter to bottom structure. The jig bite has begun to produce some healthy spotted bass for me lately. I am skipping finesse jigs under docks and around laydowns to produce some quality spotted bass, and I am using 10-lb. Fight Line copolymer to muscle these fish out of this thick cover. The largemouths should also pick up on this pattern as the water temps get colder. As we get into January, I look for the largemouths and spotted bass to make the move toward the river-channel drops. Throwing crankbaits like the Jackall Muscle Deep, finesse jigs and shaky heads will be my main baits for catching these cold-weather fish.”

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