Lake Weiss Fishing Report April 2014

GON Staff | March 28, 2014

Weiss: Level: 1.9 feet below full pool. Temp: 54-60 degrees. Clarity: Stained. Up to 2-foot visibility.

Good. Brandon Owens reports, “With the warmer days, start looking for a lot more of the fish to move up shallow. Start the day with an XCalibur Xr50 rattle bait in chrome and black or Rayburn red on ledges. Later in the day as the sun gets high, fish a Strike King chartreuse-and-white 1/2-oz. spinnerbait in less than 5 feet of water in the backs of coves and around and under docks. Also, try Carolina-rigged plastics, anything from finesse worms to big magnum lizards, in depths from 3 to 10 feet on points, channel swings and areas with lots of stumps and brush. Don’t forget to have a Strike King 2.5 square-bill crankbait tied on. You can cover lots of shallow water with it. Throw it in between docks and in little creeks off the main river. If the bass are being a little more timid, pull out the Strike King flipping jigs. Use green pumpkin in stained water. If it gets a little more dirty, go to the black-and-blue jig with matching Rage Craws. Flip docks with brush, and single out stumps and brushpiles. Make multiple casts!”

Crappie: Very good. Guide Mark Collins reports, “Crappie are being caught longline trolling in Little River and Little Spring Creek, and a lot of fish are starting to be caught in the bays upriver near River Side Camp Ground, 3 Mile Creek, Cowan Creek and Big Spring Creek. They are being caught trolling with 1/16- and 1/24-oz. Jiffy Jigs in colors JJ01, JJ13, JJ17, JJ20, JJ24, JJ25, JJ37 and Marks Special Blue. Hurly’s Cove and Little Nose Creek are starting to produce some crappie.”

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