Lake Sinclair Fishing Report September 2012

GON Staff | August 29, 2012

Sinclair: Level: 0.4 feet below full pool. Temp: 84-87 degrees. Clarity: Light stain.

Aaron Batson said there’s been some fish schooling donw the lake. “Visually watch for busting fish, and work them with a Buckeye Lures Pulse Jig and a Wackem Crazy Baits Shad-Shaped worm, which is a fluke-type bait. Vary the speeds of the retrieve on the jig and see how they want it, normally the faster the better.” Aaron said to also try a big Zara Spook or Pop-R for these fish. In more stained water, try flipping docks with a 3/8-oz. black Net Boy Baits jig and a Zoom chunk.

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