Lake Sinclair Fishing Report – October 2007

GON Staff | September 26, 2007

Sinclair: Level: 0.9 feet below full pool. Temp: 80 degrees. Clarity: Clear. Slight stain above the railroad trestle.

Slow. Jim Windham said the fishing wasn’t so hot during the Sept. 22 Berry’s tournament on Sinclair. It took less than 12 pounds to win. He and his partner caught four fish that were barely keepers cranking ledges in 10 to 15 feet of water. However, with recent, significant drops in water temperatures, Jim said the bass will move up into the creeks, and the bite will pick up. “You can catch them following the shad as they move up,” he said. Target brushpiles, drops or other structure up in the creeks where you find the shad. Jim likes a Carolina-rigged, green-pumpkin finesse worm fished on a 1-oz. weight. In thicker structure, he will Texas-rig the same worm on a 3/8-oz. weight. Jim also said a 3/8-oz. Hopkins spoon in white or chartreuse will catch fish. The crankbait bite in the creeks should also turn on. He likes a crankbait with a flat back, and said natural colors work best unless there is a stain to the water, then he uses something with chartreuse. The fish should be holding between 6 and 12 feet of water, depending on where the shad are. The morning topwater bite should be picking up, as well. Jim likes to pull a buzzbait through the grass. Otherwise, he fishes a Pop-R or a chug bait.

Fair: Allan Brown lives on Sinclair, and he said the fish should start moving up as the water temperatures continue cooling. “It’s pretty hot still,” he said. “We need some more cooler weather to get things going.” He said to shoot deep docks, 10 to 12 feet or deeper or to pitch treetops or deep blowdowns. He likes a 1/32-oz. jig, and said the blue colors are working well right now.

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