Lake Sinclair Fishing Report – May 2006

GON Staff | May 1, 2006

Sinclair: Level: 1.6 feet below full pool. Temp: 70 degrees. Clarity: Stained up the river, Rooty Creek is pretty clear.

Bass: Great. Jim Windham said May is when it gets real critical that you’re on the water right at daylight. The shad will be spawning, and the mayfly hatch should bust loose by the middle of the month. “I like to throw a Chug Bug on grass, rocks and seawalls early,” said Jim. “You want a bait they don’t have to chase. In May the fish will still be shallow.” Jim runs a spinnerbait around these same areas early. When topwater is through, Jim will flip shallow docks in five feet of water or less. He’ll stick with green-pumpkin jigs or tubes. “If it muddies up they’ll move shallower, like on the walkways,” said Jim.

Crappie: Very good. Allan Brown said he has been fishing deep docks between Crooked and Rooty creeks. “Fish docks in 10 to 20 feet of water. Look for docks near deep water, and brush is good. “Shoot as far back in there as possible, and just let it fall,” said Allan. “Watch that line.” Try 1/24- or 1/32-oz. for that slow fall. “Black/blue and pink/white is good in muddy water, and I like blue/chartreuse and ice-blue in clear,” said Allan. Look for the night bite to fire up. Search for dock lights, and throw jigs under the lights. “Yellow/yellow/white is the color to use at night. You’ll catch crappie, hybrids and largemouths.”

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