Lake Sinclair Fishing Report – March 2024

GON Staff | February 28, 2024

Sinclair: Level: 1.3 feet below 340. Temp: 58-60 degrees. Clarity: Most of the lake is stained to muddy.

Bass: Karl Pingry reports, “Big Ed at Lakeside Chevron reports that a recent tournament took 21 pounds and was won in Rocky Creek fishing chartreuse-and-white spinnerbaits in 2 feet of muddy water. The last ABA tournament was won on a Bandit 200 and a Shad Rap. The baits to use on Sinclair, according to Ed, are a turtleback bladed spinnerbait, a Shad Rap and a Bandit 200. There’s also new crankbait made by and sold by Ed, as well. The best colors for all three of these cranks are either chartreuse and pearl or crawfish color.  A 1/4-oz. Texas-rigged Ole Monster in junebug red or a magnum shaky head in junebug are the baits of choice around docks and shallow brush. Ed says to key on heavily stained water, which seems to be holding the bass, whether you are in Rocky Creek, near Rooty Creek or up by Oconee Springs. Look for March to be an amazing month. The bass will be moving shallow and will spawn on the new moon and especially the next full moon. And don’t be surprised if the first time the weather hits above 70 for three straight days that some bass pull up and make beds. Focus on areas with a hard bottom since that water will warm faster.  Ed also mentioned to focus in early March in pockets that receive a lot of sun. By the next full moon, any pocket with a surface temp of 60 degrees or higher with rock, hard sand, stumps or red clay will have bass looking to spawn. Merthiolate Trick Worms and dark Senkos will really come into play.  Throwing a buzzbait will be really useful in stained water. If a bass blows up on it but misses, have a Senko, Trick Worm or Texas-rigged lizard handy to throw back where the bass struck. There may be a nest that a bass is protecting and a plastic drug into the nest will trigger that bass to move that bait out of the nest.  Make sure to watch your line. You may never feel the bite, but the bass will move the bait off the nest. The first group of bass to spawn will be very shallow, so sight fishing in clearer water will be easy. Just look for a 2- to 3-foot area that is slightly lighter than the surrounding bottom. A good polarized set of sunglasses is a must! Before the bass go on the beds, they will feed often. Topwater, spinnerbaits, ChatterBaits, lipless rattling jerkbaits and plastics will all come into play. A Carolina rig with a lizard or Trick Worm will also produce a lot of prespawn and spawning bass. Again, watch your line. Enjoy one of the best months on the water. Go see Ed for up-to-date reports and take a look at his new crankbait. It is a great addition to your Sinclair arsenal that will work almost year-round.”

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