Lake Sinclair Fishing Report – June 2023

GON Staff | May 24, 2023

Sinclair: Level: 0.8 feet below 340. Temp: 77 degrees on the main lake to mid 80s in shallow pockets. Clarity: Stained up the rivers.

Bass: Karl Pingry reports, “Ed at Lakeside Chevron reports it took 20 pounds to win the MLF Bulldog on Saturday and 18 to win a club tournament held out at Ed’s on the same day. The winning patterns were fishing a ChatterBait and a bubblegum Trick Worm in the grass, throwing a black buzzbait or popping frog in the early morning and pitching/flipping a 1/4-oz. Texas-rigged Ol’ Monster worm in black emerald in the grass, docks and blowdowns. It took 17 pounds to win Berry’s Sunday. Second place fished Rocky Creek with spinnerbaits. Other baits working on the lake right now are the Bandit crankbait and a No. 7 Shad Rap with a red bill, as well as a Carolina-rigged lizard on a short leader. There’s still a small shad spawn in some places, and a spinnerbait and a chrome Rat-L-Trap along the seawalls are the ticket. Ed mentioned the hydrilla is really growing fast around Sandy Run and the Oconee Springs area, and the bass are in the grass. For June, look for the mayflies on the trees near the water’s edge. A black buzzbait, frog or other topwater in bluegill imitating colors will work, especially early. If the bass don’t want a topwater offering, try a shaky-head worm with a green-pumpkin plastic with the tail dipped in chartreuse dye or a bluegill-imitating swim jig. The hydrilla will be in play all summer. High-percentage spots will be areas that have hydrilla and something extra like a blowdown, sunken log or dock piling within the hydrilla. ChatterBaits, buzzbaits, frogs, flukes and plastics will all work based on time of day and the bass’ activity level. Brushpiles offshore fished with a worm or drop shot will come into play as the fish move to their summer homes, and Carolina rigs and crankbaits on the points and humps will work and probably be less pressured now that the grass and hydrilla is so prevalent. Finally, the docks and blowdowns can be pitched and flipped all summer long. Docks with brush or with lights (above or below the water) will be productive more often.  Watch out for the crazies during Memorial Day weekend!”

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