Lake Sinclair Fishing Report June 2012

GON Staff | May 31, 2012

Sinclair: Level: 1.7 feet below full pool. Temp: 80 degrees. Clarity: Light stain.

Bass: Guide Walker Smith reports, “Bass fishing has been good. It has been a blast catching numbers all month and should remain that way through June. Quality fish have been a little tougher to come by, however. The recent cool nights we’ve had have made the deeper, transitioning fish move shallow again, which has temporarily made it a little tricky to get the big bite. We have been catching most of our fish in shallow water, focusing on structure close to deep water. These fish will bite Texas rigs, small crankbaits and floating worms. Most of the bigger fish are still in their postspawn funk, and the low-light hours have been very critical for big fish. The more aggressive females have been taken on topwater baits early in the morning or late in the evenings. Don’t underestimate the floating worm for an early big bite, either. Keep switching it up, stay open minded, and the fish will quickly let you know what they want. The offshore bite should soon begin playing a factor as the water continues to warm. These fish will position on specific points, humps and river ledges. Start spending some time on your graph, and find some places like this with isolated cover. If you’re currently catching small fish on such offshore spots, be patient. The big girls are on their way. For the shallow fishermen, the bream pattern should begin playing a factor in the coming weeks. The bream are everywhere, and the bass should start heavily feeding on them soon. Bream pattern crankbaits and jigs are both great ways to catch some postspawn pigs this time of year.”

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