Lake Sinclair Fishing Report – June 2008

GON Staff | May 27, 2008

Sinclair: Level: Full pool. Temp: 74-80 degrees. Clarity: The rivers are slightly stained; down the lake is clear.

Bass: Mike Cleveland said the bite is a little slow right now, but there are good things to come in June. “May on Sinclair — it’s always a tough period this time of year,” he said. He has been able to pick up a few fish on typical postspawn patterns fishing topwater on grass and seawalls early and late. Buzzbaits and frogs have been pretty productive. When the sun gets up, move a little deeper and try a Texas-rigged Zoom U-tail worm in junebug on wood structure and off the grass. There have also been a few fish on the docks, Mike said, but there hasn’t been any size to them. Also, a Carolina-rigged Zoom Finesse or Trick Worm in green pumpkin or junebug on points and humps in 8 to 14 feet of water will catch some fish. When June rolls around, the bite should pick up. Mike said to flip an Ol Monster worm or a jig on docks for the big bite. There should also be a good bite on deep-water points and humps. Try a Carolina rig or a big crankbait. Mike likes a DD22 or a Poes 400-series bait in blue/chartreuse. The second week of June, the mayfly hatches should start, and the bass will be keying on bream feeding on mayflies. Look for the mayflies falling from overhanging trees. Try a Pop-R-style topwater bait or a Trick Worm. “It doesn’t really matter about the color when they get on that mayfly bite,” Mike said. “You’re just trying to imitate a bream, so bream colors might be something to try.”

Crappie: Good. Richard Saunders said the spring trolling bite is over, and it’s time to start shooting docks. “With the warmer days, they’ve gotten back under those docks,” he said. “They’re pretty much ready to get locked down on that summer pattern.” He said to concentrate on docks with about 8 to 10 feet of water off the end with deeper water nearby. The best docks are usually from the mouths of the creeks to halfway back, and docks near the spawning flats are producing well. The bite is pretty good where Little River and the Oconee come into the lake. “You can pick up some pretty good fish shootin’ it up under those docks,” he said. Colors that are working are Christmas tree and also some solid colors. Richard said he’s had luck on yellow/yellow/yellow and blue/blue/blue. As the days continue getting warmer, the fish should move progressively deeper.

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