Lake Sinclair Fishing Report – June 2006

GON Staff | May 23, 2006

Level: 1.8 feet low. Temp: 73-74 degrees. Clarity: Light stain.

Bass: Good. “In the morning I’m still going to search for shad in the grass,” said Aaron Batson. “After about an hour I’m going to hit some short pockets and flip docks. Don’t go in the long coves. I’ll flip docks with a brushhog or a jig. The fish are going to be under the docks, not on the outside edges. I look for six to eight feet of water on the outside edges of the dock.” Aaron targets short pockets from the train trestle up to Crooked Creek. “If that doesn’t work by noon, I’m going to move out to main-lake points and humps that top out at 12 feet of water. If they pull water I’m cranking a big plug. I like the Mann’s 20 plus or DD22. Chartreuse with a brown back is hard to beat. If they’re not pulling water I’ll stick with a Carolina rig.” Charlie Baldwin won the R&R tournament this weekend, and he said Sinclair’s mayfly hatch just started. Look for bass to key on these bugs for about a month. “Watch for the birds eating mayflies,” said Charlie. “I like Pop-Rs and buzzbaits, and you’ll need a little shady spot. Points near deep water are good, too.” If the topwater baits don’t work, an Ol’ Nelle spinnerbait is one of Charlie’s favorites. He likes the newest Ol’ Nelle bait, which has a joint between the head and hook. “They won’t throw it as bad,” said Charlie.

Crappie: Great. Allan Brown said this is a great time to load the cooler. “Find ’em and slam ’em,” said Allan. “You can catch eight or 10 out from one dock this time of year.” Allan targets deep docks in 10 to 15 feet of water from Rooty Creek and just above Crooked Creek. Shoot 1/32-oz. jigs, and he likes black/blue/black and red/green/yellow.

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