Lake Sinclair Fishing Report – July 2023

GON Staff | June 29, 2023

Sinclair: Level: 1.5 feet below 340. Temp: 81-87 degrees. Clarity: Most of the lake is stained to muddy with a little clearer water near the dam.

Bass: Karl Pingry reports, “The bass are biting, and they are shallow, according to Ed at Lakeside Chevron. Ed says the hot areas are up Little River, up the Oconee River, Rooty and Rocky creeks.   Ed says there are two reasons the bite is shallow. One, the cool water temps after the hard rains has got the shad running the banks. Secondly, the mayfly hatches are occurring often. Spinnerbaits in black (in muddy water) or chartreuse and white in stained water worked right on the banks are the hot-moving baits. For topwater, a black buzzbait or frog need to be in your arsenal. In the hydrilla or shallow areas, a bubblegum Trick Worm is working, and ripping a ChatterBait out of the hydrilla will get a big one’s attention. For docks, blowdowns and grass, an Ol’ Monster worm in dark colors or a big straight-tail worm on a 1/4-oz. weight is what Ed recommends. The tournaments are still taking 19 to 20 pounds to win, and last week’s night tournament produced a 9-pounder on a Bandit 200 crankbait. Look for July to remain consistent but maybe a little tougher around July 4 with all the boat traffic. Ed said that fishing the mudlines in the pockets and main lake is the extra ingredient to finding fish. This should continue as the stained/muddy water gets moved by Georgia Power. Hopefully, the thunderstorms with heavy rains continue to make this a viable pattern in July. Crankbaits and spinnerbaits in the areas without grass will work, but the hydrilla will be more consistent in my and Ed’s opinion. Spinnerbaits and ChatterBaits will continue to produce. If the water starts to clear up, try ChatterBaits in white and bluegill patterns, as well as swimbait plastics rigged weedless, as well as topwater frogs. The best plastics for docks, blowdowns and grass will be the big worms, as well as a shaky-head worm in high boat traffic situations. One of the high-percentage spots will be a laydown within the grass if you see it. Make multiple casts or flips to the laydown, as well as any small points created by the hydrilla or grass as it drops off into deeper water. If you find a mayfly hatch, try a swim jig, Pop-R, prop bait or shaky head with a plastic worm dipped in chartreuse. Stop in and see Ed for the latest trends and stay hydrated and stay safe.”

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