Lake Sinclair Fishing Report – January 2023

GON Staff | December 22, 2022

Sinclair: Level: 1.5 below 340. Temp: Low 50s and colder in some pockets. Expect the temp to drop into the mid 40s by January. Clarity: The lake is muddy up above Twin Bridges and stained all the way below the 441 bridge. It is also muddy in the back of Rooty Creek, Crooked Creek and Little River. The lake clears around Nancy Branch to the dam.

Bass: Tournament angler Karl Pingry reports, “According to Ed at Lakeside Chevron, the best bite is in Rooty Creek, Crooked Creek and Little River. The key is to fish the mudlines. The baits to use are a crawfish-colored jig. Also, flip docks with a junebug-red Trick Worm on a shaky head. The spinnerbait bite with turtleback blades is strong, and a Shad Rap in chartreuse with a red bill is the crankbait to throw. In the clear water, Ed says to flip a Z Craw or a black and blue jig. Also in the clear water, try the rattling Shad Rap. In January, plan on throwing a jerkbait, ChatterBait, or swimbait along the grasslines on the south end, punching the grass mats (especially on sunny afternoons) and flip the docks with a jig or shaky head. Where the water is stained to muddy, flip docks with a dark-colored jig or crawfish-colored jig. In extreme cold temps, try a shaky head with a finesse worm on. Always have a turtleback bladed spinnerbait tied on along with a willowleaf/Colorado blade combo (chartreuse or chartreuse and white skirt), a ChatterBait and a Shad Rap in chartreuse and white color. If you have three to five days of sunny, warm weather, look to fish shallow in the stained and muddy water. It will warm the quickest. Rocky and red clay banks will also warm faster and retain heat better. And remember, as the water gets colder, a good rule of thumb is to slow your retrieve down.”

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