Lake Sinclair Fishing Report – August 2023

GON Staff | July 26, 2023

Sinclair: Level: 1.5 feet below 340 Temp: Low 90s. Clarity: Clearer than last month. There is still stain up Little River, the back of Rocky Creek, Potato Creek and the backs of a few pockets that get run-off from the occasional thunderstorm.

Bass: According to Karl Pingry, “Ed at Lakeside Chevron says the mayfly hatches have slowed down in frequency, but a Pop-R and a prop bait will draw strikes in the morning or in the shade if you find a hatch. Your final backup needs to be a shaky head with a chartreuse-tail worm to imitate a bluegill. For topwater, a black buzzbait  or bubblegum Trick Worm are your best bets. Your crankbait of choice, whether fishing during the day or fishing the lights at night, are a Bandit 200 or a No. 7 Shad Rap in chartreuse/pearl or white. Ed says for numbers you can’t beat a shaky-head worm (dark color in stained water, more green/transparent in clear water) on the docks. An Ol’ Monster worm or 8-inch lizard in dark colors will also draw strikes in the hydrilla, blowdowns or docks, as well. Ed says there is a recent report that a squarebill in the back of Rooty Creek was productive. The rest of this month and August will be tough. A black buzzbait, frog or Trick Worm worked along the shoreline or along the hydrilla early or late in the day will continue to work. Fishing will be better when GP is moving water. Whenever possible, fish a combination of shade line and hydrilla. Ed and I agree the hydrilla will play a key role at Sinclair. If you’ve got a shade line along the shallows as the sun comes up, cast where your bait is just inside the shade line for as long as possible. If there’s hydrilla there, your chances of success increase. If there’s a shade line running along the edge of a dock, cast your plastic bait or crankbait where it is in that shade line and as near the edge of the dock as possible. A hydrilla edge along those dock pilings makes it even better. Lastly, fish the points and pockets created by the hydrilla growth. If you find a laydown or stump in that hydrilla, make multiple casts with different baits—hydrilla and wood (or blowdown) will be a magnet for the bass. Ed commented the hydrilla in the following areas is flourishing and producing bass: up the Oconee River, the back of Island Creek and Rooty Creek and the coves and pockets before and after the Lakeside Chevron gas pumps. There’s plenty of parking, cold drinks and Ed’s tips at Lakeside Chevron. Ask Ed about the catfishing. It’s as hot as the water temps!”

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