Lake Seminole Fishing Report – June 2020

GON Staff | June 1, 2020

Seminole: Level: 0.2 feet below full pool. Temp: Mid 70s. Clarity: The Flint is stained, the Chattahoochee is muddy, and Spring Creek is clear.

Bass: Guide Paul Tyre, of Lake Seminole Fishing Adventure, reports, “Topwater fishing in June is off the chain when the conditions are right. Make sure to bring your topwater baits, like hollow belly frogs and buzzbaits. These baits are productive because they simulate the baitfish the bass are feeding on, like bluegill and shad. One of my favorite hollow belly frogs is a SPRO Bronzeye Popping Frog. These frogs are made with very strong Gamakatsu hooks that are strong enough to get the big bass out of the cover that they use.” Tournament angler Matt Baty reports, “Bass are still shallow and surprisingly still bedding. The edges of the main-lake bars between the Flint and Spring Creek have been good for topwater fishing. A good bait is a Berkley J-Walker 100. This bait has a very subtle walking action. I rig this on 50-lb. Berkley x9 braid with a high-speed Revo STX and an Abu Garcia 7-foot medium-action Veracity rod. The Flint section of the lake is good, as well on the grass humps and grass edges. Swimming a Texas-rigged worm is a good technique for these areas.  A Berkley Windup Worm in junebug is an awesome new swimming worm. Rig this on a 5/16-oz. tungsten and a 5/0 Fusion19 offset worm hook with 20-lb. Berkley 100% fluorocarbon. The Wingate’s area has been hot for some big ones.”

Bream: “Shellcracker and bluegill will continue bedding through June,” said guide Paul Tyre. “We’ve seen lots of limits being caught on worms and crickets.” Matt Baty reports, “Shellcrackers and bream are bedding on main-lake bars with the hardest bottoms. Look around the islands at Sealys.  Fish crickets for the bream and big red worms for the crackers.”

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