Lake Seminole Fishing Report – August 2009

GON Staff | July 30, 2009

Seminole: Level: 1.5 feet below full pool. Temp: 86 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Good. “The grassbeds above Jack’s on the lower end of the Flint have been a good option for early morning and late evening,” said Matt Baty. “Fish a 3 1/2-inch Big Bite Baits Top Toad in white. Swim the frog over the grass, and wait for explosive strikes. Always have a Big Bite Baits 6-inch Jerk Shad rigged up for missed strikes. Later in the day as the sun heats the water, move to either Spring Creek or the main-lake river ledges. Find bends and points in the creek or river ledges that have grass present, either milfoil or hydrilla. Fish these bends with either a Texas-rigged Big Bite Baits 6- or 10-inch Kriet Tail worm in watermelon seed, or a Carolina-rigged Big Bite baits 6-inch finesse worm in watermelon. Fish slow and use a 1/4-oz. tungsten lead for the Texas-rig and a 1-oz. bullet sinker for the Carolina-rig.”

Fair. “Crappie can be caught on 6- to 10-foot deep grassbeds near Carl’s Pass and the Tractor Bank. Use 4-lb. test fluorocarbon and a spinning reel with a good sensitive rod such as a Dobyns Champion 681SF. For bait, use a Big Bite Baits, 2-inch Triple Tip Grub in white. Put the grub on a Big Bite Baits Darter Head in 1/16- and 1/8-oz. Swim the jig really slow parallel to the grassbeds,” Matt said.

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