Lake Oconee Fishing Reports – June 2019

GON Staff | May 28, 2019

Oconee: Level: Full pool. Temp: By the time this report is printed, the lake temps will be in the mid 80s or higher due to our heat wave and lack of rain. Clarity: The main lake has really cleared up, and you have to go above the railroad bridge to find some stain in the rivers.

Bass: Tournament angler Karl Pingry reports, “In the morning, fish shallow with topwaters or crank and Carolina rig the rip-rap bridge areas while the water is moving. Georgia Power is generating every afternoon and early evening and then pumping it back into the lake early the next morning. As the morning progresses, stay shallow in shaded areas with topwaters, moving baits or plastics. Around 10 to 11 a.m., you’ll need slow down and fish brush and docks with a shaky-head worm, jig or plastic bait. The X-factor is the mayfly hatches that will pop up along the lake on any given day. Pop-Rs, buzzbaits, frogs, Horny Toads and Trick Worms will be the baits of choice when you find the bugs, and hopefully the bass will be with them. Keep an eye on the banks and overhanging branches along the shoreline as you travel down the lake to your next fishing hole. The morning after an evening rain shower seems to increase the chances of a mayfly hatch. Summer fishing has come in fast with this recent heat wave.  Please be careful, and watch out for all the boats on the water as school lets out for the summer.”

Crappie: Guide Al Bassett reports, “Crappie fishing is currently excellent.  Fish are holding in deeper water over brushpiles, standing timber and deep drop-offs. Night fishing under the bridges and in the timber has started to pick up and will be good all though the summer months. The fish will be in schools over trees, under docks and drop-offs. Using live bait is the best way to catch a fast limit of fish. Casting a Jiffy Jigs Super Grub around these areas will also work great. When you catch a fish, work the area good since you most likely found a school of fish. Night fishing with lights off the side of your boat is a good way to catch a few fish and beat the heat. Using live bait would be your best bet. Fishing under the bridges or in the standing timber are your best locations. Knowing how to use good electronics is a key during this time of year. Find the fish before you start to fish. Make sure you take care to keep your bait lively, and if you are keeping fish, have ice to put them on once you catch them.”

Linesides: Guide Doug Nelms reports, “I think it’s safe to say it is summertime now, even though the calendar shows something very different. We had above-average temps throughout the month of May, and I think it has pushed the fish a little forward. During this month, we will be getting on the water very early, and it promises to be really good. We will still be using some live bait, but our attention goes over to the artificial bite for these early morning trips. From u-rigs to jigging spoons, we put the entire kitchen sink on the boat, and the conditions will determine our approach. It is during the month of June when the biggest numbers of hybrids and stripers are put in the boat. It is not unusual to have boated 30 to 40 before 10 a.m. The fish have basically left the dam, but they’re not far away. We will concentrate on the south part of the lake where the shallow-water humps are and fish all the way up to Sugar Creek. They’ll be on the move this month looking for food. Wherever you find bait, you will find the fish.”

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