Lake Eufaula Fishing Reports – November 2020

GON Staff | October 28, 2020

Eufaula: Level: 4 feet below 190 full pool. The corps has dropped the lake to 186 (at 185.56 currently) to work on the dam. Temp: Low 70s. Clarity: Stained to slightly muddy in some creeks.

Bass: Tournament angler Les Bratcher, of Big Bite Baits, reports, “The fishing here at Eufaula is good right now with lots of numbers. The lake is on the draw-down while the corps works on the dam, which has caused the fish to group up. The big key right now is to find the bigger fish, as there are lots of small fish that are very active. Most anglers are catching bass on river and creek channels or on the flats around structures and ditches. The majority of the anglers I have talked to are catching fish on all types of crankbaits, rattle baits or magnum shaky rigs. It is a lot of fun to be out on the lake right now for lots of action. As deer season starts, there should be less pressure on the fish. Good luck and tight lines.”

Guide Sam Williams reports, “The river continues to give fishermen a challenge with running in the low water and fishing the swift current. We dodged a bullet with Hurricane Delta staying off to the west. Bass fishing is getting better as the fish are settling down some and staging better on the deeper structure. ChatterBaits, shallow crankbaits and soft plastics worked on the bank line and first drops near any type of cover are getting some strikes. It takes numerous casts in one area to aggravate a fish to strike. Carolina rigs and heavy jigs are working on the deeper cover. Even on the deep cover, the current will carry your bait downstream. Heavy weights are necessary to hold the bait in the fish.”

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