Lake Eufaula Fishing Report – November 2022

GON Staff | October 27, 2022

Eufaula: Level: 1 foot below 190. Temp: 67-70 degrees. Clarity: Good stain. 

Bass: Capt. Sam Williams reports, “The water table continues to hold fairly steady. The bass are working shallow early and late. Chatterbaits and other blade baits are working on the edges of the shallow cover. The frog bite is getting better in the pads and grass. Soft plastics in greens are also working on a Carolina rig or Texas rig on the edges, as well with the same green-colored plastics. Deeper bass are coming from 18 to 30 feet on the river ledges. Watch your electronics for the deeper fish. We are finding them bunched up where there is no visible cover. The strikes have not been real aggressive and most are running at the boat with the bait, which is troubling with the hook-set. If you crank in slack too fast, they will feel it and drop the lure. If you set up with too much slack, you get a poor hook-up, and they can get off. We also found out that a Carolina rig worked back to the bank from the top of the river ledge is getting more bites than the Texas rig. Guess they are cautious of the weight.”

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Multiple Species:  Capt. Sam Williams reports, “Crappie are still being stubborn. I saw a couple of old, experienced crappie fishermen recently trolling. They had picked up four by mid morning. They have not been consistent on trolling for a while. The folks fishing minnows deep are getting a few but not like they should be. The crappie have not set up on the man-made attractors this year and are scattered on the natural structure in deeper water. The bluegill continue to be dependable around the cover in the creeks. Crickets have been their favorite meal of late. Some action on worms, but crickets are best. Catfish are always eating, and there have been some really nice ones coming in using cutbait on jigs. Working these jugs in the creeks has been productive, and with the wind and current, it is easier to keep them corralled up. We love to take an old telescoping cane pole and snell a hook on the tip, flatten the barb and use it to swoop under the jug to land the fish. You do not lose as many as you do by hand lining then and the youngsters have a ball fighting them on that flimsy tipped rod. Bottom fishing with nightcrawlers and wigglers are getting a nice mess working off the creek drops. You can get some good-eating squealers this way. Our river cats are the best-eating ones you will find anywhere.”

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