Lake Eufaula Fishing Report – January 2007

GON Staff | January 2, 2007

Eufaula: Level: 1.6. feet below full pool. Temp: Mid 60s. Clarity: The main lake is clear, up the river is dingy.

Bass: Good, according to fishing guide Capt. Sam Williams. “Hydrilla on the first break off the flats going into the river channel is the key,” said Sam. “You can still catch them shallow on a frog or a spinnerbait — anything that makes a racket. I like the frog made by Big Bite Baits because it makes a lot of noise.” If you don’t throw a frog, Sam says a Carolina rig with a Zoom Finesse worm in pink or watermelon seed is also a good bet, but you have to be near hydrilla. “That hydrilla holds the heat,” he said. Sam has been fishing ledges upriver from Lakepoint, and said the mouth of Cowikee and Bustahatchee are good areas to try — just concentrate on finding the first breakline. Sam’s fall-back bait this time of year would be a Texas-rig with a mossy-pumpkin lizard. “That’s a good color,” he said. “It has a big metal-flake in it.”

Hybrids: Good. “They are catching hybrids out on the ledges fishing things like chicken livers,” said Sam. His preference is a Stratos jigging spoon with a hammered silver finish. “I get out on the ledge and cast the spoon until I locate fish, then I get right over them and jig vertically. The river channel immediately south of the causeway bridge is a good place to try.

Crappie: The crappie fishing is already starting to heat up, says Sam. “There are already boats out on the ledges either anchored up or trolling along the ledges,” he said. Sam also recommended casting a white crappie jig around bridge pylons. “If you get out on a sunny day, the shadow break is right where the fish will be.”

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