Lake Eufaula Fishing Report – February 2020

GON Staff | January 30, 2020

Eufaula: Level: 1.9 feet below 190 full pool. Temp: Upper 50s. Clarity: Stained to muddy.

Bass: Tournament angler Les Bratcher reports, “The fish are biting, and they are biting good. I have heard lots of good reports of lots of Eufaula bass being caught shallow on a spinnerbait, swim jig and ChatterBait. One angler caught a 9-lb. largemouth recently, and there have been quite a few good bass caught this week. The fishing will only get better if we don’t have any cold weather and the water stays stained and high. #bigbitebaits #rangerboats #alxrods

Guide Sam Williams reports, “Many bass are suspended in the creeks and might be anywhere from 5 to 28 feet deep. It takes a noisy bait to attract attention and get a strike. A ChatterBait and Rat-L-Trap are a good choice. Suspending jerkbaits are a good choice, as well. Pull them down in the schools, and stop the retrieve and let them slowly rise a few feet, and pull them back down. Red-colored baits work well in dirty water. The bass will be spawning again soon. If you know of shallow areas where they worked before, these areas will get a hit on the bedding fish. Shaky heads and noisy jigs will work. Get registered to fish the Albany Bass Club’s Scott Woodruff Heart Transplant Tournament in March (the old Easter Seal’s Tournament). Applications are at our local tackle stores, or you can register at We will also have our Alabama Children’s Classic tournament in June. Go to for details on our changes and bigger pay out for 2020.”

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