Lake Eufaula Fishing Report – April 2022

Brad Gill | March 24, 2022

Eufaula: Level: 0.4 feet below 190. Temp: Upper 50s. Clarity: Good stain. 

Bass: Capt. Sam Williams reports, “The water level has been holding for the past two weeks. This is giving the bass an opportunity to begin to fan out their beds. We are seeing new beds fanned out but no fish holding on them yet. The changing barometer may be holding them back as they feel that pressure on their lateral lines. It is all about to break loose, and when it does, the action will be on for sure. We can know spring is here for sure. The osprey are on their nests and that is a sure sign that we are beginning our spring patterns. It is true that we old farmers know we can’t depend on any regular weather patterns until Easter is here. I always trust the osprey. We have been doing well on the outside grass and cover patterns with jigs rigged with white and chartreuse trailers. Also a light-weighted Texas-rigged watermelon candy Trick Worm is a great choice. Other colors we are catching them on are junebug and black with a chartreuse tail. A blue/black Senko is a good choice. Squarebilled shallow cranks, ChatterBaits and lipless crankbaits are all good choices. Watch for the bird action and shad popping. Cast the lipless crank or any hard bait just beyond the school and work it back through. If you have a buddy onboard, one of you keep a topwater plug working over the school to keep them active. The lipless crank will come through a little deeper, where the larger fish are holding steady to eat the injured shad the younger bass are hitting and missing. The deeper bass are coming off trashpiles and brush using deep divers and Carolina rigs worked slowly.”

Multiple Species: Capt. Sam Williams reports, “Crappie are still hit and miss, even since the water has cleared up. The fronts have them scattered. There are a few coming on minnows. It won’t be long until they will be in the shallow cover bedding up. That is when the action really gets crazy. You can work them by ripping a jig just through the outside of the grass patches in the creeks or you can get a cane pole and hold your boat in a position where you can drop a minnow in amongst them with a bobber rigged short to keep your bait off the bottom. Bluegill are not ready to stage yet, so it will be a few more weeks before that action gets underway. Catfish are always ready to eat. I see several of our camping friends have started using jugs to get a mess for the table. These river cats are the best you can put on the table. A good mess of cheese grits and some of grandma’s cornbread could start a family war come supper time.”

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