Lake Eufaula Fishing Report April 2013

GON Staff | March 27, 2013

Eufaula: Level: 0.5 feet above full pool. Temp: Mid 50s to warmer down south. Clarity: Muddy.

Bass: Good. Guide and tournament pro Randy Duncan reports, “The spawn is in full effect. During the early portion of the month, hit the big flats and look for the buck brush and other vegetation to hold the fish. Strike King Rage Craws and Zoom Magnum Lizards in natural colors have been producing the better bites. As the month continues on, look for the shallow pockets off of the river. South of the causeway is the best location to do some sight fishing. Look for the clear pockets, and pay close attention to bright spots. I saw two bedding fish using the same bed I caught some out of last month. Water clarity will determine the color of your plastics. Lately the bigger the bait, the better the fish. Don’t hesitate to throw 10-inch lizards or creature baits. I have been dipping everything in JJ’s Magic for a great scent enhancer. The water is really fluctuating right now from the rains, and debris is constantly floating along the river, so be safe. For those who are looking for postspawn fish, look at the points and channel ledges in 4 to 6 feet leading out of these flats. I still have been knocking the snot out of some quality fish with the A-rig and topwater later in the day. At the end of the month, the ledge bite should start materializing. If you find some shallow fish, stay on them as they migrate out to their summertime haunts.” Capt. Sam Williams reports, “Bass are continuing to hit noisy baits. Lipless cranks, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, ChatterBaits and rattling jigs are all doing the trick. Any grassy point is holding fish, especially primary points at the mouths of spawning pockets. Underwater structure and brushpiles are holding bait. The bass coming to the tournament scales are looking very healthy, and they are averaging heavier than last year. The water is up over all the new cover, and it is going to be really hot this April. Remember to take some of the smaller fish and all the spots home to eat. We still have a large population of smaller legal fish. If we thin them out, we will see more large bass.”

Crappie: Fair. “Crappie are still being very difficult with the muddy water. As soon as it begins to clear up, look out. They are ready. The night fishermen are doing a little better under the lights,” Sam said.

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