Lake Burton Fishing Report October 2012

GON Staff | September 26, 2012

Burton: Level: 1.6 feet low. Temp: 76 degrees. Clarity: Very clear.

Spotted Bass: Capt. Wes Carlton reports, “The spots are ranging in depths from 5 to 30 feet. The biggest concentrations seem to be in 28 feet near the creek channels close to the main river channel. Most of the bigger spots we’re catching are in 30 feet of water. These fish have been biting a shaky-head jig with a black finesse worm. Try to position the boat away from the point or hump you are fishing, and work the jig quickly back toward the boat. The topwater Spook bite has picked up as well. Be ready for schooling fish. We have had several big schools come up top this week. This means we’re only a week or so away from a shallow-water bite. I have seen more fish and bait on the electronics the last few weeks than ever before. Look out! In October, the bite is going to be on!”

Brown Trout: Wes reports, “The brown trout bite has slowed a little. We are catching a few trout deep early in the mornings trolling Swarm Rigs tipped with small, white paddle-tail flukes. The nightcrawler bite has been producing a few bigger fish. Use a silver bead inline while fishing nightcrawlers. This seems to help. The brown trout should be slowly working their way toward the creek channels as the water cools a few more degrees. This will be the time to troll spoons or freeline herring.”

Walleye: Wes reports, “The walleye bite has really picked up this last week. We have caught them as shallow as 16 feet and as deep as 27 feet. Most of the walleye we have been catching have been on blueback herring. The trolling bite for these fish should kick in right now. Shad Raps in white or orange (No. 5 and 7) will produce the bigger walleye. Nightcrawlers work well if you don’t mind sitting and waiting for them to find the bait. Most of the walleye don’t stray far from their home range. These fish will move up and down main-lake points and humps to feed. As the water cools a little, they will feed in the 20-foot or less depth. I have been seeing a large number of younger fish this year with an occasional big fish. I think this will be the first year anglers can go target these fish and actually catch them. We have been catching walleye on Burton, Lanier and Rabun the last two weeks. Lake Lanier has been the most productive in numbers so far. Lake Rabun has been producing the largest fish. We had a 7-, 8- and 9-pounder this week. This fishery is taking off at a record pace. Thanks DNR.”

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