Lake Burton Fishing Report – November 2009

GON Staff | October 27, 2009

Burton: Level: 0.8 feet below full pool. Temp: 63 degrees. Clarity: Slight stain; about 8 feet of visibility.

Bass: Good. Wes Carlton said the spots are on the main-lake points in about 30 feet of water. They’re coming up in the mornings and evenings to gorge on blueback herring. When they’re schooling on top, he’s had some luck catching them on Rapala and Lucky Craft jerkbaits. But when they go back down, he hasn’t been catching them on anything but live bait. He said he’s tried different artificials without much luck, but a downlined blueback will catch spots if you can get it past the hybrids.

Hybrids: Excellent. Wes said last week has been the best week ever on Burton, and it’s all because of the big hybrids. “We’ve caught everything but the lake record,” he said. “One went 11-6, but I haven’t gotten one bigger than that.” Wes said he’s caught a bunch of fish better than 10 pounds, and he’s getting them downlining main-lake points with live bluebacks or jumbo shiners. The fish are right on the bottom in about 30 feet of water, and the mid-lake points have been best. He’s also caught a few on a 5.5-inch Shadalicious swimbait rigged on a jig head. The green colors seem to be working best. “Let it sink. Drag it across the bottom, and just hold on,” he said.

Trout: Good. Stocked trout are in the backs of Timpson and Dicks creeks, said Wes, and DNR has also released some near the hatchery. Catch them with a gold Panther Martin.

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