Lake Burton Fishing Report May 2011

GON Staff | April 27, 2011

Burton: Level: Full pool. Temp: 63-65 degrees. Clarity: Clear

Bass: Excellent. Eric Welch, of Reel Job Fishing, reports, “The fishing is still on fire. Some of the bass are on bed, while some of the bass are looking for a place to bed. We have been catching some big largemouths and spotted bass. I’ve been catching some big spots drop-shotting a 4.5-inch Roboworm and using a shaky head with a Zoom Trick Worm around deep docks, points and ledges where there is access to deep water. The largemouths are up shallow around the backs of docks and also around any type of brush or laydowns. Try a Zoom Super Fluke in white or baby bass. We have also been catching them on jigs, tubes and Strike King KVD 1.5 shallow-running crankbaits. After the spawn, the bass will be moving around docks and brush with their fry. When this starts, the fluke bite should be awesome.” Wes Carlton reports, “The spawn is almost over, with a few females still hanging around the beds. The fish that have pulled off the beds are biting topwater like a Vixen or Sammy. We had several fish in the 6-lb. range last week and a lot of 3- to 4-pounders. These fish should be biting anything in the next week or two with the postspawn bite in full swing. The largemouths are finishing up with spawning as well. We have had good luck with a white Trick Worm in the shallows and with white buzzbaits. These fish are hungry and aggressive. Don’t be afraid to work the baits a little faster than normal.”

Hybrids: “The hybrid bass are few and far between, but when you catch one it’s going to be a monster!” Wes said. “Last week we broke the Lake Burton record hybrid with a 12.2-lb. fish (see page 60 for a photo). We also caught the unofficial Rabun hybrid record with a 10.14-pounder.”

Trout: Good. Wes Carlton reports, “The trout are biting on top early in the morning. Use gold 3/16-oz. Hopkins spoons. After about 9 a.m. or so, try trolling with downriggers or Dipsy Divers between 10 to 20 feet deep about 20 to 40 feet behind the boat with small crankbaits like a Yo-Zuri Hardcore. We have had a couple of 20-fish days.”

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