Lake Burton Fishing Report March 2012

GON Staff | February 29, 2012

Burton: Level: 6.5 feet below full pool. Temp: 48 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Good. Georgia Lake fishing guide Tyler Clore reports, “With the mild winter temperatures we have had, there are a lot of fish that never pulled out to deeper water. We have done really well with white Bomber crankbaits in the mornings and all day on overcast days. A green-pumpkinseed worm rigged on a shaky head around docks has also been producing large numbers of fish. The fish that did move out deep for the winter are making their way back into the creeks. We have been positioning the boat in deep water and throwing a Fish Head Spin rigged with a fluke over the top of the timber and brush. If no luck, move the boat over top of the fish and drop a drop shot or a jigging spoon straight down over the fish. We have been catching a lot of fish this way, but the Fish Head has been producing better quality and quantity of fish. These fish will remain in the creeks as they are getting ready to spawn.”

Brown Trout: Good, according to guide Wes Carlton. “The brown trout are primarily in the creek channels and mouths. Spinners like a Blue Fox in black and Mepps in a yellow/black have been working well. The fish are congregating on the schools of blueback herring. Fish close to these schools to increase your chances. We look for these fish to stay in the creeks for the next two or three weeks, as the water temperatures head toward the 50-degree mark. As the trout head toward deeper water, we will begin trolling spoons and jerk baits.”

Walleye: Very good. “The walleye bite is in full swing,” Wes said. “The fish are starting their pre-staging for the spawn run. We have had some really nice fish over the last few days. The fish seem to be biting for several hours in the morning through late morning and then continuing late afternoon into early evening. We have been targeting docks over deep water — 25 to 35 feet. Find a place where the fish can find some shade at high noon. Jig heads, 1/4-oz, with a white curly tail grub have been working best. Cast the jig beside the dock, and let it sink to bottom. Work the jig back toward the boat bouncing it up and down off the bottom. The popular crappie technique of shooting docks works well with this jig. We catch a few big crappie with this bigger jig while walleye fishing. The trolling bite for walleye has started to pick up. No. 5 Shad Raps in shad color and Rapala Countdowns in yellow perch color seem to be working best. I look for the fish to move into the 12- to 20-foot range in the next week or so. Walleye are very structure-oriented except when chasing or feeding on herring. Find the brush or outcroppings under the water, and the fish will be there. Let’s break that 16-year-old walleye record this year!”

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