Lake Burton Fishing Report – January 2010

GON Staff | January 4, 2010

Burton: Level: 5 feet below full pool. Temp: 49 degrees. Clarity: Slight stain. They are dropping the bottom out of Burton, and within the next few weeks Murray’s Cove ramp will be the only access point.

Spotted Bass: Slow. Wes Carlton said it’s slow, but you can catch a few spots on main-lake points in 26 to 31 feet of water. Fish a black Fish Head Spin with a white fluke or a Flex-it spoon in chrome or gold. Downlined bluebacks will also catch spots.

Slow. In early December, the largemouths were biting like crazy. Wes had a client put an 11-lb., 4-oz. fish in the boat, but the fish have disappeared, said Wes.

Trout: Very good. The trout are up shallow in the backs of any cove on the lake, said Wes. He had clients catch between 20 and 25 browns with a few rainbows mixed in on a five-hour trip Dec. 22. The biggest was a 21-inch, 4-pounder. They were fishing nymphs and egg-pattern flies in red/yellow and Panther Martin and Mepps spinners in gold and black.

Hybrids: Fair. Wes said you can catch a few hybrids on the main-lake points in 32 to 45 feet of water. Downline bluebacks all the way to the bottom.

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