Lake Burton Fishing Report – April 2007

GON Staff | March 26, 2007

Burton: Level: 2.7 feet below full pool. Temp: 58-60 degrees, low 60s back in the pockets in the afternoon. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: It has been taking more than 20-lb. bags to win March tournaments at Burton. Daniel Workman said staging bass have moved up on the points and are willing to hit nearly anything. “I had a pretty good day last week catching them on everything I threw,” said Daniel. “They hit crankbaits and jerkbaits, and I caught quite a few on worms.” Daniel was using a Bomber Model A, chartreuse with an orange belly; a Lucky Craft suspending jerkbait and green-pumpkin worms on a Carolina rig. “I was fishing back in the creek runs, hitting the points and secondary points and looking for brush. The fish are starting to move up.” A worm on a Carolina rig will catch fish, but Daniel recommends downsizing your weight because of the slimy grass in the lake. “I use a 3/16-oz. weight,” he said. “And that’s a lot of weight. Some of the other guys are using a quarter ounce.” Topwater activity has not picked up yet. “I threw some topwater bait, but they weren’t interested,” said Daniel

Brown Trout: According to WRD Fisheries Biologist Anthony Rabern, the brown trout should be holding in the mouths of the creeks. He suggested the mouth of Moccasin Creek, just below the WRD Fish Hatchery as the kind of place to look for. He said that anglers had been trolling small crankbaits like a Shad Rap or other shad or blueback imitations to catch fish.

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