Lake Burton Fishing Report – April 2006

GON Staff | April 6, 2006

Burton: Level: 1.7 feet below full pool. Temp: 48-51 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Slow. A March 25 bass tournament was reportedly won with a catch of just four pounds! In April the bass should be staging on main-lake and secondary points getting ready to move up on the banks. Crankbaits like a Shad Rap or Norman Deep Little N, or a suspending jerkbait, will catch fish. For largemouths, slow-roll a spinnerbait or crawl a jig ’n pig around brushpiles and blowdowns.

Trout: WRD Fisheries biologist Anthony Rabern said the brown trout stocked in the lake are concentrated in the backs of the creeks where they are seeking slightly warmer water and also following the blueback herring. “The back of Mocassin Creek is a good place to try, or Murray Cove. We stock a lot of trout from the ramp in Murray Cove, and the fish seem to have overwintered there in good numbers.” He suggested trolling a crawfish-colored Shad Rap to catch trout as well as bass. Spinners such as a Mepps or a Rooster Tail will also catch the trout, which are running mostly in the 1-lb. range. One variation Anthony had heard of was tying a Mepps spinner on an 18-inch leader to the back of a Shad Rap.

Walleye: In late March, the walleye in Burton and other mountain lakes were at the peak of their spawning runs up the lakes, said Anthony. “They are in the headwaters in good numbers,” said Anthony. “The stocking effort is having an impact, and the number of fish is increasing.” Fishing a Rapala in the headwaters during generation may catch a walleye, especially after dark. During the day, Anthony suspects the fish pull back into the first deeper water available where they may be caught on a crankbait or nightcrawler rig. “The interest in walleye fishing is increasing,” said Anthony. “We are seeing a few more people who are targeting them.”

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