Lake Blue Ridge Fishing Report – February 2022

GON Staff | January 28, 2022

Blue Ridge: Level: 12 feet below 1681. Temp: 44-49 degrees. Clarity: 12 feet.

Bass: Guide Eric Welch reports, “The bite has been good. The lake has come up about 3 feet due to all the rain we got at the end of December. We’ve been marking a ton of bait in the 15- to 18-foot range, but most of the fish have been in the 28-foot and deeper range and right on the bottom. I’ve been starting my mornings out throwing the Float-n-Fly on deep, rocky banklines until the sun gets up. Then I will switch over to fishing a Ned rig in the same areas, along with on main-lake points. By midday, I will start my way up the river fishing the deep, rocky banks and laydowns with a Ned rig, drop shot and jig. Without a doubt my Garmin LiveScope locates fish that you will never see with 2D sonar until your boat is on top of them. I start seeing my fish 45 to 50 feet in front of the boat, then with Spot-Lock you can sit there and work on these fish before ever being on top of them. I’m also throwing a 3.5-inch tube bait, along with a No. 5 Shad Rap and Flex-it spoon. The A-rig works good this time of year, too.”

Walleye: Guide Eric Crowley reports, “February can be a tough time to fish. Cold fronts, uncooperative weather, there’s a number of reasons not to go fish this month. Yet there’s one main reason to go, and that’s big fish. This month is the month to find big walleye on all the north Georgia lakes. On Blue Ridge, look for fish to be in the mouth of the river from Point 5 upstream. Small vertical presentations fished right on the bottom are going to be key. Small spoons, jigs or a combination with minnows should all be ready to go to the bottom. Look for small groups of fish in the 40- to 60-foot range near bait balls in the river. The fish are cold, so gently work the baits versus snapping and moving erratically. Light, 8-lb. fluorocarbon will increase your bites. The fish should continue upriver over the rest of the month preparing to spawn. Later in the month the night bite will be key as we switch over to running jetboat trips in shallow water.”


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