Lake Blackshear Fishing Report – September 2021

GON Staff | August 26, 2021

Blackshear: Level: Full pool. Temp: Mid to high 80s. Clarity: Light stain.

Bass: Tournament angler Jonathan Martin reports, “This time of year I like to concentrate around the mouths of creeks watching for schooling fish busting shad on the surface. As summer moves into fall, the bass should follow the shad into the creeks, but this will greatly be determined by water temp. These fish can be caught early on shad-colored walking-style baits, buzzbaits, flukes and crankbaits. I really like a Rapala DT-6. I’ll throw this bait around schooling fish, seawalls and rip-rap. A weightless or lightly weighted Senko in watermelon usually produces some decent bites around docks, trees and grass. For added strike appeal, I like to bite a small section off of the tail of the Senko and screw in a Humdinger Keith Poche Power Spinner on the back. You can fish this slow like a regular Texas rig or slowly swim it back to you. The Power Spinners come in willowleaf blades, Colorado blades, nickel and gold. You just have to play around with the color and blade type and let the fish tell you what they want. They usually knock the fire out of it. This bait can be fished anywhere weedless.”

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