Lake Blackshear Fishing Report – September 2009

GON Staff | August 25, 2009

Blackshear: Level: Full pool. Temp: 82 degrees. Clarity: Good stain.

Slow. Blackshear has been tough in the hot weather for Ernie Broughton. He said the only pattern he found recently that has produced a few good fish is fishing docks on the main lake with their fronts in about 6 to 10 feet of water. He throws a Carolina-rigged worm and drags it all the way from the bank out past the end of the dock, and the fish are usually up near the bank. Things should start to pick up again next month.

Slow, but Rusty Parker said the fish should begin moving up some this month. He said this year should be a good one for size on Blackshear.

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