Lake Blackshear Fishing Report – September 2006

GON Staff | August 29, 2006

Blackshear: Level: Full pool. Temp: Mid 80s. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Poor, according to Ernie Broughton, who runs the Blackshear Buddies tournament. “Eight pounds won the last tournament, and 2.14 pounds was the lunker,” he said. “The winning string was shoal bass caught way up the river.” According to Ernie, there are usually shallow fish around cypress trees, grassbeds or docks that will bite this year. To date, that hasn’t happened. The ledge bite with crankbaits or Carolina worms has also been dead — along with most everything else. Ernie is hoping cooler water will be the ticket to getting fish to bite.

Crappie: Slow. Rusty Parker and his dad caught 14 one day and only a half-dozen another day pitching RAG Fly jigs to bridge pilings.

Catfish: Rusty said the catfish had been biting well, despite the hot weather. “Fish worms just off the bottom under a bobber,” said Rusty.

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