Lake Blackshear Fishing Report June 2006

GON Staff | May 23, 2006

Level: Full pool. Temp: 66 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Slow. Ernie Broughton had 41 boats for his Saturday, May 20 tournament and about half zeroed. It took 13 pounds to win, and big fish was 5.3 pounds. “It was terrible,” said Ernie, who was among he zeros. “We tried everything — spinnerbaits, Rat-L-Traps, buzzbaits, worms, and we fished shallow and deep. The fish are postspawn, and they just aren’t interested. Lots of people said they had fish short-striking topwater baits.” The winning string came from up the river in cooler, moving water. The fishing will improve as the summer pattern develops. Topwater baits around grass and stumps should produce early and late. Later in the day a jig ’n pig or Trick Worm around docks or deep trees is usually a good bait. “Right now it is mostly a matter of waiting until they get ready to feed again,” said Ernie.

The fish are off the banks and schooling on river ledges. “There are still a few people catching fish around cypress trees,” said Rusty Parker, “and there are some fish being caught around bridge pilings.” When fishing a bridge piling, Rusty slingshots a jig out and lets it sink to the bottom before starting a slow, steady retrieve. The next cast he may start three-quarters of the way down in the water column before he starts a retrieve. “You just test each level of water until you find out the right depth,” he said. Rusty and his dad caught about two-dozen keeper  crappie in May pitching RAG-Fly jigs under a bridge.

The bream are on bed, but finding the beds can be a trick. “The lake is real bad mossy,” said Rusty. “You might try looking for sandy banks in Cannon Branch or in the very back of Collins Branch — but watch out for all the stumps.” Crickets or red wigglers under a float will usually seal the deal.

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