Lake Blackshear Fishing Report July 2015

GON Staff | June 25, 2015

Blackshear: Level: Full pool. Temp: 88 degrees. Clarity: Main lake clear, river lightly stained.

Crappie: Rusty Parker reports, “The crappie have been biting fairly decent for me. Even with this unrelenting heat, I have been able to bring in a few good slabs. I have had my best luck by fishing shallow trashpiles, and the crappie have been hanging tight to structure. The minnows die quickly now because of the heat wave. I go to my jigs if I fish during this kind of heat. I also have been catching a few slabs fishing in 12 to 14 feet of water with a 1/24-oz. jig and pulling it very slowly. Surprisingly, I have managed to do better using the 1/24-oz. jig. The all-white, chartreuse/pink/chartreuse and the red/green/yellow are the go to jigs now.”

“The bream are still bedding in spots, and if you are lucky and find that elusive bed, you will catch some big bluegill. If you do go out in this heat wave, please be careful because we all want you to come back safe,” Rusty said.

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