Lake Blackshear Fishing Report – July 2009

GON Staff | June 23, 2009

Blackshear: Level: 0.1 feet below full pool. Temp: 88-92 degrees. Clarity: Clear on the main lake; slight stain up the river.

Bass: Tough. Ernie Broughton said the heat wave in mid June made the fishing tough, mainly on the fishermen. “With this heat, it’s taking a slow presentation to catch them,” he said. “They aren’t going to move much.” Ernie’s most recent tournament was won with 13-lb. sack that came from an angler with a specially rigged boat. Ernie said the sack came from way up the river in the shoals near Montezuma where a bass boat can’t go. Ernie said he wasn’t sure, but he thought the angler must have been fishing Texas-rigged worms. On the main lake, docks and cypress trees are still the ticket. Ernie said he’s tried his Rat-L-Traps and spinnerbaits without any luck. A Carolina rig or a Texas rig pitched up under a dock or right up at the base of a cypress tree is the ticket. Ernie said he’s been having his best luck with a Carolina rig on isolated cypress trees for bigger fish. He’s catching good numbers of small fish on grouped cypress trees. His worm of choice for the Carolina rig is a Zoom Trick Worm in the new green-pumpkin/blue color or the standard black with red glitter.

Good. Rusty Parker said you wouldn’t believe his crappie report. He said he’s catching good messes of some very good slabs, and he hasn’t even had to resort to deep main-channel summer fishing yet. His advice to anyone who wants to catch a few crappie is to find a good shaded trashpile under a dock with a little depth or a shaded bridge piling. The fish have been suspended in 5 to 8 feet of water over a 10- to 15-foot bottom on a bridge piling or over trash. Either drop a jig to them around pilings or over trash, or shoot a jig way up under a dock. Either way, Rusty said an Old Reliable jig from Micro Spoons is the ticket. The hot color right now has a deep-purple head, a yellow body and a chartreuse tail.

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