Lake Blackshear Fishing Report December 2015

GON Staff | November 24, 2015

Blackshear: Level: 0.2 feet low. Temp: 59-63 degrees. Clarity: The lake is not muddy but looks like coffee with creamer added. The farther you go down the lake, the better it gets.

Bass: Tournament angler Stephen Birchfield reports, “Right now the bite is good, and you can catch a lot of fish. They are filling up before the water temperature drops, and now is the time to hit the water. Cedar Creek has been a great spot for me lately, with some good fish coming out of Gum Creek, as well. For the most consistent bite, target the ends of docks and cypress trees that are near a change in depth. This time of year, I’m throwing anything that looks like a shad, and I’ll run those baits in front of the docks. The key here is to make a long cast past the target zone, and then pull the bait through near the top of the water. If the bite is slow, try working a black-and-blue swim jig. Also, when you are in the creeks, keep an eye open for schooling white bass hitting the top of the water. Throwing an umbrella rig (A-rig) into these schools can produce some good largemouth that are mixed in with these schools of white bass. Set up the umbrella rig with Zoom paddle tail Fluke Jrs in pearl white or disco white. If you want to target the larger largemouth in these schools, try throwing a 5- or 6-inch Bullshad. These big swimbaits can seem intimidating to throw but can produce some bigger fish. As the water temperature cools into the 50s, keep a red Rat-L-Trap ready to go in these same areas. No matter what you do, be safe on the water, and have fun!”

Crappie: Great. Rusty Parker reports, “I thought the heavy rains we had recently would kill the crappie bite for a period of time, but I was very surprised by what my partner and I caught last Saturday. They were pulling a lot of water. We went out on the lake to mainly play with a new depthfinder he had bought and decided to try pitching jigs. We caught 14 nice slabs before lunch, and 10 of them were between 1 and 1 1/4 pounds. We were using chartreuse/pink/chartreuse Sore Lips Crappie Jigs in the 1/24-oz. size. We were fishing in about 15 feet of water over structure. I did see a few fishermen tightlining minnows in 20 to 25 feet of water and catching a few good crappie. Be patient, and you will catch a few good Blackshear slabs. I think the bite will get better as the water cools even more. May your catch be large and plentiful, and God bless you all.”

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