Lake Blackshear Crappie Fishing Report – March 4, 2024

GON Staff | March 5, 2024

Maurice Van Hall with a Lake Blackshear crappie caught on March 4, 2024.

Maurice Van Hall made his first trip of the year to Blackshear on Monday, March 4. “The lake is full and water clarity is well recovered from the heavy rains a few weeks ago, stained but fishable,” Maurice said. “Surface temperatures are 58 main lake and reached 60 degrees in the creeks I fished.

“I quickly found small groups of crappie on the edge of the river channel in 25 feet of water. The fish were 12-16 feet deep for the most part and caught a few there. I was Livescoping and fished 1/16-oz.  jigs with added weight to reach them. They hit bright colors with pink/monkey milk/chartreuse best for me. I decided to check the creeks and found bands of crappie well up the creeks and only about 7 feet deep. These fish bit well but were on the move! Natural colors worked well with chartreuse head and monkey milk body the best for me.
“Nailed a nice fish there at 1-lb., 14-ozs. All fish were 10 inches and longer and the females were heavy with eggs. These fish would be ideal for long lining. The fishing will get better and better as long as we don’t get another monsoon.”

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