Lake Allatoona Fishing Report – September 2018

GON Staff | September 4, 2018

Allatoona: Level: Full pool. Temp: 86 degrees. Clarity: Very clear.

Bass: Tournament angler Matt Driver reports, “Fishing the month of September on Lake Allatoona can have its tough times as the water temps cool and the potential increases for algae blooms and the turnover later in the fall. The month of September is a great time for shallow-water fishing. As the water begins to cool, the buzzbait and topwater popper bites pick up. Shallow cover such as trees, rocks and stumps are great areas to target. I prefer a black Picasso buzzbait and a Rico Popper for these areas. This time of year, we start to see a few largemouth showing up shallow. This time of year also is a great time for soft plastic jerkbaits like the Big Bite Jerk Minnow. Fast, erratic retrieves are commonly good for Lake Allatoona, and the month of September is no different. I fish the soft plastic Jerk Minnow on 12-lb. Sunline fluorocarbon, and I like a speed retrieve reel like the Shimano DC 7:1. There will continue to be a good jig head and jig bite. My favorite go-to bait is still the Picasso round ball, double weed guard jig head fished with a Ned Worm. This is a great rig for anybody from tournament angler to a kid trying to catch fish. Have fun, and remember fishing will get better as we get later into the fall.”

Linesides: Guide Robert Eidson reports, “The fish are easy to find on your Lowrance, but getting them to bite is another story. Just keep putting the bait right on their nose and wait. Mid-lake still seems to be holding most of the fish, but don’t over look The Pass. I have marked a lot of fish in there this week. They just don’t want to bite. We are marking some big schools in the Allatoona Creek arm, out over open water at Stamp Creek, and a few more from Galts to Kellogg Creek. The fish are on the move, so you should be on the move, as well. I look for this pattern to hold up into October. You must be versatile this time of year. The topwater bite has been hit or miss, but keep a Spook Jr. ready just in case they pop up. The south end of the lake has been best for topwater action. Trolling may be the best all around bite going right now. Mack Farr umbrella rigs in all white seem to be the ticket for the trollers right now.”

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