Lake Allatoona Fishing Report October 2015

GON Staff | September 30, 2015

Allatoona: Level: l.7 feet low Temp: Mid 70s. Clarity: Some stain.

Bass: Tournament angler Matt Driver reports, “The month of October is the gateway to great fishing on Lake Allatoona. The only issue that October brings is the fall turnover that happens when the water cools and sinks to the bottom. This allow noxious water from down below to mix and slows fishing until the water stabilizes. This occurs when the water reaches the low 60s. This month is a great month for creeks and the main river. Current of any kind is good. The crankbait bite picks up, and I like baits like the Spro Little John and Fat John in craw colors. Wood and shallow cover are the ticket. October is one of the best buzzbait months on Allatoona. Fish are chasing shad, and the buzzbait imitates a fleeing shad perfectly. Throw the bait parallel to the shore. It allows the bass to corral the bait easier. Bluff walls near creekmouths are the best areas. As the water cools, the jerkbait will pick up as well. Blowdown and shallow brush are also great places to catch transitional fish.”

Linesides: Decent. Guide Robert Eidson reports, “The lake is starting to show signs of life again. The cooler night temperatures have really helped. The fish are on the move but are willing to eat if you’re right on top of them. Downlining threadfins and small gizzard shad will catch you a few, but the better bite is coming on a 1/2-oz. white Flex-it spoon. The fish are starting to bust topwater, as well. As we head into October, I look for the topwater bite to explode. When this happens, an all-white Rooster Tail will be our go-to bait. It’s just an easy bait to fish, and more importantly it works. As we head into late October, we look for the bigger stripers to start migrating out of the rivers back down to the lake. The flats out in front of Clear Creek and the ones in front of Little River will be key feeding points for these fish. Flatlines and planer boards with mid to large gizzard shad will be your best bet on catching a monster striper. Trolling is decent right now. U-rigs are working best, and color doesn’t seem to matter. We are running our rigs 100 feet behind the boat at speeds between 2.4-3.1 mph.”

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