Lake Allatoona Fishing Report October 2007

GON Staff | September 26, 2007

Allatoona: Level: Down 12.5 feet below full pool and dropping rapidly. Temp: 77-78 degrees. Clarity: It ranges from clear to stained.

Bass: Guide Mike Bucca said there’s been a good topwater bite for schooling spotted bass. “The Sammy 100 bite has been the best thing going for the schooling fish,” Mike said. “We also have had a spoon and a Pointer 78 handy for when the school goes under. Just cast your Pointer 78 near the boil, and start working it back rapidly to the boat to trigger a reaction strike.” Watch your electronics for when the school moves under your boat, and drop a white, 1-oz. Flex-It spoon on them. “Once the schooling bite dies off, a 4-inch (9S Series) Senko in blue pearl is starting to get strong. Concentrate along both bluff walls and shallow main-lake flats. Just work it about 3 feet under the surface. The swimbait bite and spinnerbait bite will also start to heat up. Work in the same areas as mentioned above,” Mike said.

Linesides: Super slow, according to guide Robert Eidson of First Bite Charters. “Hybrids just don’t bite in September and the first of October. They’ve dealt with that hot water temperature all summer, and they hate that fall turnover which is coming. They just won’t feed. By the middle of October, it will all be good again,” Robert said. He recommends the mid-lake area on spots like Bartow-Carver and Kellogg Creek. Use flatlines and planer boards early and late, and downlines during the middle of the day.

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