Lake Allatoona Fishing Report – October 2006

GON Staff | September 25, 2006

Allatoona: Level: Down 8.6 feet below full pool. Temp: 76-78 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Fair and improving. October is a good time to concentrate on shallow water in the creeks — less than 15 feet deep. Baitfish will move into the creeks, often to the very backs. Bass move into the creeks following the baitfish. Early and on cloudy, dark days, work a buzzbait or other topwater like a Chug Bug or Pop-R in the backs of the pockets for largemouth, or fish the buzzbait or a Zara Spook off rocky points for spotted bass. Then fish all visible cover with crankbaits and jigs. See page 40 for a feature on October fishing at Allatoona that includes a map to 10 locations.

Linesides: Slow, other than a good topwater bite for white bass and 1/2-lb. hybrids. Use a Junior Fluke behind a popping cork when you see breaking fish. “It’s the typical September blues for hybrids,” said guide Robert Eidson. “The fish are scattered from 40 feet deep to the top, and when you find them they are bunched up so tight you better be right on them.” Fish are anywhere from Bethany Bridge to Gaults. Concentrate right over the main river channel around the mouths of major creeks. “Live bait is better — trolling is almost a waste of time right now,” he said. October is a great hybrid month on Allatoona. Use your electronics to find fish, and drop live shad to the depths you’re seeing fish and bait. “Usually when it hits 75 degrees, this lake catches fire for hybrids,” Robert said.

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